Policy Statements & Submissions

Policy Statements & Submissions

July 2015

Wealth of Nations or Why Lots of Tax can be Really, Really Good

Robin Brown and Nicholas McSpedden-Brown

February 2011

Independent Review of Aid Effectiveness: Submission, 2011

Robin M G Brown

January 2009

Submission on Australian Energy Market Commission Climate Change Study 1st Interim Report

Allan Asher

April 2009

Submission on Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Exposure draft bill


May 2009

Submission to Senate Select Committee on Climate Policy


January 2007

Australia’s Consumer Policy Framework: Submission to the Productivity Commission Inquiry, 2007

Robin M G Brown

January 2004

Making Energy Markets Work for Consumers in Australia, 2004

Robin M G Brown

February 2003

A Global Competition Policy: A Role for Civil Society? 2003

Robin Brown and Imelda Maher