Reports & Project Activities


Access 2’s aim is to foster and assist in the development and administration of sound market rules at all levels, nationally and internationally. Provision of technical assistance to developing countries is a priority of Access 2.

Its members have general experience and expertise in public policy and administration and the role of civil society in good governance, but with a special emphasis on consumer protection and competition policy, law and administration. Regulation for product safety and quality and effective utilities and financial services markets are also strong areas of expertise.

Access 2 may undertake projects under bilateral, multi-lateral or non-government agency development assistance programs. It may propose projects or undertake projects at the request of developing country governments, government agencies, business or civil society organisations. To the extent its resources allow the Foundation may undertake projects pro bono.

Work undertaken by Access 2 includes:

  • an invitation to speak at the Malaysian Association of Standards Users October 2014 seminar, presenting the topic ‘Consumer Protection Laws in Australia — the Lemon Law Factor’
  • an invitation to support Consumers’ International as an Expert Adviser for the upcoming September 2014 visit to Sydney and Canberra for the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission study tour
  • an independent review of the Financial Services Complaints Limited (FSCL), the largest financial services external disputes resolution scheme in New Zealand
  • an invitation to work with Robin Simpson and Consumers International on reregulation and establishing markets for distribution and return in Hong Kong
  • assist with the drafting of policy papers on the establishment regulatory regimes for consumer protection and competition or fair trading and guidance in the establishment of (or effective operation of) regulatory frameworks
  • advise on the law setting up consumer protection and competition or fair trading regimes
  • advise on regulatory regimes for the privatisation of utilities to avoid problems of monopoly
  • advise on setting up the administrative infrastructure for a fair trading regime
  • give seminars, training for staff of new fair trading administration bodies
  • organise or assist with staff interchanges between fair trading bodies
  • assist in the introduction of common standards and codes of practice;
  • advise on the establishment of accountability mechanisms including ombudsman schemes and anti-corruption systems;
  • assist in developing the capacity of civil society organisations (especially consumer organisations) to participate in effective public policy formulation, in the public administration process and in market rulemaking.
  • advise on the development of industry self-regulation and co-regulation regimes and development of complaint handling and case and project management schemes and review of complaints and accountability systems
  • assist in enhancement of the skills of institutions with law enforcement responsibilities;
  • provide access, on a continuing basis, to technical skills, guidance manuals and training programs associated with law enforcement;
  • assist in development of compliance programs to satisfy regulatory regimes;

All members of Access 2 have provided advice and consulted widely to foreign governments and other bodies in the areas of competition and consumer protection and other areas of public policy and administration and in civil society capacity building including in the following countries: Vietnam, Mozambique, Malaysia, South Africa, Egypt, East Timor, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Thailand, Peoples Republic of China and Fiji.