About us

A Fairer Future

Much about the world today is not fair.

Much about the future looks even less fair.

Governance and markets nationally and globally could work effectively and sustainably to meet the needs and wants of all people fairly and fairly across generations.  But the way we are going wealth will be even more concentrated in the hands of a few and their power will continue the corruption of governance and failure of markets, giving them even greater wealth and power.  And future generations will inherit an unfair world and a sick earth.

AFF wants a change in direction and we know what’s needed to build better responsive governance and markets in which strong competition between businesses and well-informed and protected people as consumers contribute to the welfare of all.  We have to counter those with an interest in keeping things as they are by blocking progressive measures.  

We want to see the UN Guidelines for Consumer Protection implemented in all nations.  

We want to see people empowered and markets regulated globally consistent with the UN Sustainable Development Goals so that production and consumption of goods and services are environmentally sustainable into the future.  

The mutuality of interest between all nations is self-evident so we want wealthy nations to increase their development assistance to at least the UN goal of .7% of GDP to help make these things happen.

Our key objectives are:

  • Assessment and monitoring of all public policy and regulation and data on production and consumption against the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Regulation of markets with better laws by independent well-resourced agencies. General consumer and competition agencies need powers to ensure the same high consumer protection standards are enforced by agencies in all industries and professions
  • Empowerment of, and advocacy for, all groupings of consumers across the nations
  • Research on how markets can work as fairly and sustainably as possible, especially with new technologies
  • Integrity institutions – a strong independent fourth arm of government – that have the capacity to ensure accountability of governments