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Colin Plowman
  • Director - Plowpress Pty Ltd


  • Registrar Migration Review Tribunal-Refugee Review Tribunal (MRT-RRT)
  • First Assistant Secretary Corporate Services Department of Finance and Deregulation
  • Director of Evaluation and Audit Office of Evaluation and Audit (Indigenous Programs) Department of Finance and Deregulation
  • Director Governance Unit - NSW Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC)
  • Executive Director – Corporate Services NSW Police (NSWP)
  • Registrar of Aboriginal Corporations
  • Program Manager - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC)
  • State Manager - Victoria/Tasmania ATSIC
  • Office of, and Department of, Aboriginal Affairs/Aboriginal Development Commission (ADC) [Commonwealth Indigenous Agencies]

Qualifications: Master of Science (with Distinction) in Management Science.Imperial College of Science and Technology - University of London

Bachelor of Arts (Sydney University)

Commenced Bachelor of Laws (Graduate) at ANU. (Clayton Utz Prize for Torts) (unfinished)